The Silver Spur Challenge

November 10, 2013

Build your business, grow your income, and win a FREE Night and some CASH! Jump in and be a part of the    Silver Spur Challenge.


What is the Silver Spur Challenge?

This is a Contest to win a FREE night stay at the historic Fort Worth Stockyard Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas. The winner will also receive a $100 cash to spend as you please.


(Stockyard Hotel Photo by James Brandon Photography)

Even if you don’t win the big prize, there still is some extra incentive for you as well. Each person that hits a Silver Spur will also receive $100 cash. (This extra $100 will also be added on top of the grand prize listed above, so that is about a $425 prize!)


 How does the Silver Spur Challenge work?


A Silver Spur consists of an Advisor that has reached at least a Silver Bonus Level as well as having 3 Frontline Advisors that have also hit Silver. For this contest you don’t have to pin the Leadership Level to earn the points, but it should come almost naturally to do so.

Point levels vary based on not only building your own frontline, but by helping your team as they work to build their businesses. So, you earn more points for helping your team.

Point levels go as follows:
You(Silver)+3 Frontline Silvers=50 Points
Frontline(Silver)+3 Second Level Silvers=75 Points
Second Level(Silver)+3 Third Level Silvers=100 Points
Third Level(Silver)+3 Fourth Level Silvers=125 Points


Contest Rules:

1. To be eligible for the prize, the contestant must complete a “Silver Spur” for a minimum of 1 pay period.

2. A minimum $1000 P/GV must be maintained for at least 6 of the 12 pay periods.(If you have a new team member that begins late into the contest, we will still consider them eligible as long as they maintain $1000 P/GV at least half the Pay Periods they are in.)

3. The contest for the grand prize will be based on point totals.

4. Contest runs from November 6th, 2013 –  May 6th, 2014.


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