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Hanalei Tracker

July 30, 2012

Here is a tracker to help keep you up to date on your progress.  Download it, print it out and start filling it in!  If you are unsure how to get that kind of volume, contact your upline ASAP!  We can show you how to get it done!

Hanalei Tracker

Print these off and give them to your customers when you put them on the 24 Day Challenge.  These will help give them some basic guidelines to follow about how and when to take their product.

24 Day Challenge Quick-Start Guide Phase 1

24 Day Challenge Quick-Start Guide Phase 2

Be a Leader

February 6, 2012

I found this on another blog not all that long ago and printed it out.  I keep this right above my desk in my office, so that everyday it reminds me to be a leader worth following.  I just wanted to share it with you guys!

Hey guys and ladies, we recently updated the Cleanse Overview, Food Guide, Meal Ideas that we like to hand to people when they get started.  Print them off below:

Cleanse Overview

24 Day Challenge Food Guide

24 Day Challenge Meal Ideas

24 Day Challenge

January 19, 2012

Here are all the newest and most updated flyers that are available on the 24 Day Challenge.  Print some of these off and use them when you are presenting someone with the 24 Day Challenge.  Also, make sure to get the food guide from your sponsor.  We are planning on putting an updated version on this site Monday.  Make sure to follow up with your people as well!

24 Day Challenge Flyer

24 Day Challenge Overview First Page

24 Day Challenge Overview Second Page

Cleanse Phase Instruction Sheet

Max Phase Instruction Sheet

Product Printables

June 23, 2011

MNS Max 3 Flier

MNS Max C Flier

MNS Max E Flier

Product Basics

Performance Basics

Business Printables

June 23, 2011

4 WaysTo Engage With AdvoCare

5 Ways To Earn Income With AdvoCare

Rookie Bonus Sheet

Bullet Proof Shield

Becoming an Advisor

Goal Sheet

Quick Start Training-Matt Warren

What are Overrides?

Income Disclosure & Comparable Salaries

Your Advocare Lifeline

7 Reasons – Why Advocare-Matt Warren

Warm Market List

This is the 24 Day Challenge that some others use, where instead of Catalyst, they order Omegaplex.  The Catalyst can still be ordered and used as an addition too. Please note: This is the 24 Day Challenge bundle that is on the corporate website.

24 Day Challenge(w/Omegaplex) Overview

24 Day Challenge(w/Omegaplex) Order Form

Here are the 24 Day Challenge pages that Penny and I use most often:

24 Day Challenge Overview

24 Day Challenge Order Form