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Danny gives a quick overview of how to become an Advisor in Advocare, opening up the ability to earn income 5 ways:

Z Buttar gives a great explanation on how to approach people with Advocare in an easy way:


Mixers with Jenny Donnelly

February 28, 2013

Jenny Donnelly on how to have a great mixer:

Here is an awesome Basic Training with Danny McDaniel. If you want to go someplace you never have been, seek the wisdom of those who already are there. Danny teaches you directly without holding back any punches in this video on the secrets to success. This video is about 72 minutes long, but worth every second of your time. So get where you can pay attention, grab a pen, a journal and some Spark and listen in:


Spark Up for Gabe!!!

September 19, 2012

Ok Team, here is a recorded conference call letting you know a little bit more about Gabe and how we are wanting to help his family raise some funds to help pay for his competition. This young man is an inspiration and it’s an honor to be able to help him out. Let’s show them what Team Audacity and Team Advocare is all about. Details are in the call, but stay tuned as I will try my best to get some flyers put on the site to help promote this. Listen in and be inspired!!!

Spark Up for Gabe Kickoff Call

Spark Up for Gabe!!!

September 18, 2012

Here is a video of Gabe to give you some background on what he stands for and what he is all about. Let’s help this young man reach his goals and inspire others!

I came across this article today that I thought was very on point.  I don’t know anything about the person that wrote it, but this is so true, that I couldn’t help but pass it on to my teammates.

6 Characteristics of Professional Network Marketers

1. Show up every day and do what is necessary – They do the WORK even though they may not be in the mood. They take ACTION! Amateurs work when they feel like it.

2. Self-Starter – They don’t need their upline to call and inspire and motivate them. They don’t need their hand held. Amateurs wait for someone to inspire them.

3. Belief in what they are doing and the products and opportunity they represent. Amateurs don’t even use the products they are promoting.

4. Self-Educator – In any industry there is a learning curve. Professionals in any industry learn the ins and outs of their field. They stay up to date with the latest news and training. They are always learning and growing. Amateurs don’t want to be bothered with learning.

5. Responsible – They take responsibility for their own success or failure. They know. “If it is to be, It’s up to ME.” Amateurs blame their failure on the upline, the company, the economy, or a number of other excuses.

6. Invest in their Business – From buying and using products to training, advertising, supplies, etc. They invest time and money in their business. Amateurs don’t spend time or money on their business.

-Article excerpt written by: Melodie Kantner

Hey Team Audacity! Here is a quick little guide to help you follow up with people you put on the 24 Day Challenge for Phase 1(The Cleanse Phase). Remember, your job is to help your customers and/or distributors get results. They are looking to you to help lead and coach them through this process and if they are wanting to do the business of Advocare, they need to be taught properly so that they can help their people down the road. Print this off and use it as a guide to help you.

How to Follow Up for the Cleanse

Here’s the call from 10-17-11.  In this one we explained some of our new ideas to get our team to the top.  We also discussed how you can earn incentives while building your business.  I removed the question and answer session at the end, but if you have any questions be sure to get in touch with us.

Team Audacity Call 10-17-11