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Danny gives a quick overview of how to become an Advisor in Advocare, opening up the ability to earn income 5 ways:

Here is an awesome Basic Training with Danny McDaniel. If you want to go someplace you never have been, seek the wisdom of those who already are there. Danny teaches you directly without holding back any punches in this video on the secrets to success. This video is about 72 minutes long, but worth every second of your time. So get where you can pay attention, grab a pen, a journal and some Spark and listen in:


If you are needing some help on getting to the bottom line of why you want to do this business, Platinum Distributor Kristi McGihon is one of the best at helping you dig down to really find your inner drive.  Listen in to the playback of a phone call she did some time back and use it to help you!

Unpack Your Purpose

How to Get Started

June 23, 2011

Here are a few things to get you going:


1. Get on what product you can afford and begin to develop a product story.

√ Go to and watch the video “How to Package Your Story”.

2.  Get to Advisor ASAP.

√ Go to and watch the video “How to Get to Advisor”.

3. Make a List of everyone you know that wants to lose weight, have more energy, perform better, be more healthy, and/or wants to get out of debt or grow an income.

√ Your job is to make the list, DO NOT begin contacting them about Advocare until your sponsor/mentor has gone over what to say with you or until you are comfortable setting an appointment for a 2 on 1 meeting, 3 way phone call, Mixer, webinar, etc. Your sponsor will help you learn how to do this.

√ Here are some helpful guides:

Your Natural Warm Market-Charlie Ragus

Retail Planof Action

Business Plan of Action

4. Get Your Sponsor/Mentor in front of people ASAP.

√ Be sure to find out from your sponsor/mentor what to say to set appointments

√ 2 on 1’s are the most effective

√ 3 way calls should always be preceded with some sort of exposure to the business via IMPACT, DVD, Mixer, webinars, etc.

√ Go to and watch the video “How to Set Up a 3 Way Call”.

Special Note: Study and know the IMPACT and DVD. Master the stories and use these tools to help you build your business. If you want to build the business fast, you need to use these tools as much as possible. Danny McDaniel recommends that you order 2 sets of IMPACTS and DVDs to get you started.(DO NOT worry about ordering alot of Product Catalogs to give out, this will not help you! Have some on hand, but this is not your primary recruiting tool.)

Remember “The speed of the leader determines the speed of the pack.” If you want to build a strong team quickly, then you must get strong and grow quickly as well. Your sponsor/mentor will show you how to do this!